Products from China can not maintain their Quality

It’s no coincidence that large production can affect the quality of the products. Western companies visit often the Asian home living and interiors fairs to search for possibilities to purchase for low prices. Any exhibitor will tell you that they are able to make everything you ask for and will finally experience late deliveries and bad quality indeed.

Purchasing and supplier optimization

SourcingQ optimizes your supply chain by conducting a worldwide search for the most reliable and inexpensive supplier - mostly in low cost country regions. The principle markets are those in the Far East and Eastern Europe. The emphasis is on purchasing of tailor made products with superior quality and just in time deliveries. SourcingQ is of interest to companies in the home-living and decoration industry for who are in rapid growth and are in need of professional support on their Supply Chain Management and/or searching for tailor made production.

SourcingQ and “Sourcing”

SourcingQ is a professional sourcing provider or intermediary between you and your global suppliers. We help your company with expert advice and practical support. Our objective: To take care of your purchase thresholds, which is stopping your natural growth. Companies also see us as an extension of their purchase department.

Purchase department extension

SourcingQ able companies the possibility to provide them with own design, high quality and just in time delivery. Assessment and final realization of the benefits are different for each company. On the whole you can expect many advantages.

Fast and flexible

SourcingQ finds fast and flexible solutions in Sourcing for your company. From concept to implementation - depending on the complexity of the assignment - a project takes between four and six months.

More advantages