Production and purchasing

At your request SourcingQ acts as a Supply Chain Manager with a global total service in Supply Chain Management in trade. We advise on, implement and coordinate the practical implementation of your purchases in low cost countries. In practice: you entrust us with a part or all of your supply chain - from a to z and from door to door. From meticulous identification of your needs to global selection of your suppliers. SourcingQ also offers a customised service for negotiations or concludes all logistics agreements so that your goods are delivered on time. Our assets: expertise and years of experience in Sourcing & Supply Management from Eastern Europe to the Far East. Supply Chain Management from a to z.

We select the most suitable partner for your product. Based on our long term experience with a large network of good and loyal suppliers we can offer tailor made products for the best quality and a sharp price. We set up the entire process and take care of contracting, production, quality control, logistics and finance according to your wishes. During the production process, we make sure the chosen supplier still is the best match for your products. Multi sourcing is a standard part of our services.

Action plan

SourcingQ can help you determine whether or not outsourcing is interesting for your product.

Product specifications & quantities
Design, determine product specifications, quality criteria, packaging and quantities.Supplier selection.Formulate quotation.

Formulate contract including scope, quality criteria, quantity guarantees, confidentiality and delivery.

Sample process
Sample delivery to customer for approval.

Production support, Quality control according to requested criteria, including full report and pictures.

From a to z by SourcingQ, FOB

Maintain relationship with suppliers; Further implementation of procurement strategy such as first source/second source, business negotiations and optimisations Explore new sales channels in the country of production, possible through the SourcingQ’s network, if desired, setting up a long term production facility/entity.