Quality control

SourcingQ make use of the supplier assessments which monitors and implement the agreed upon and clear protocols for products and the production process on spot at the supplier. And if necessary repeat these protocols. How does SourcingQ guarantee quality? With Supplier Assessments that explicitly monitor agreed protocols for products and production processes at the supplier - on site. And these are repeated if necessary. SourcingQ performs quality checks on various moments throughout the production process, in this way we are able to guarantee your requested superior quality product. Because of clear reporting documents including pictures and the results of the hold and witness points, we are able to control and maintain the quality. These hold and witness points are made previously and are documented with your approval.

To keep up with the latest technologies, SourcingQ spends a lot of attention to supplier development. Together with them, we research and invest in new equipment, procedures and necessary education. SourcingQ checks five quality indicators- with the use of Factory Audits. This gives us a complete insight into your supplier and we can urge him on to deliver 100% quality all of the time. This quality is jeopardised when the supplier violates one or more of the following criteria:

Quality indicators

Location / Country
Important, for the possibilities in choosing materials.

Important, because infrastructure determines production capacity


sound procedures and inspections
people management
integrity criteria

Human factors
staff integrity
company culture
team spirit
quality of relations